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How vital is a professional German English translator? If you need something translated, who should you find to get the job done? Should you try and find someone you know who is bilingual and can do the translation for you for free or could you get away with one of those free German translation services you can find on the internet?
The answer, as might be expected, depends on the circumstances. What do you want translated? How complicated is it and how important is the translation to you? As a rule of thumb, the more complex the translation and the more vital it is, the more professional the translation has to be.

When Translation Doesn’t Matter So Much

It’s easy to see many examples of translation done badly. Everyone who has travelled on holiday has probably seen plenty of notices and signs stuck up where tourists are found in any number. Although usually you can guess what the signs are about when they are written in your own language, they are often comical, and sometimes downright difficult to understand. Cheap hotels probably can’t afford to pay for good translations, and it probably doesn’t matter too much if they are not that accurate, it may even add to the fun of being on holiday!

When Things Get Serious

Then there are the information booklets and manuals that come with instruments, tools and appliances. This is when translation becomes important, because the wrong instructions can lead to a safety issue and / or the object not working or even being damaged if the instructions are poorly translated.
Even more important are things like

  • medical translations;
  • business document translations;
  • legal document translations.

These are circumstances when you simply can’t afford to get it wrong when information is translated. Use a professional translation service every time. The benefits are obvious; the job will be done faster, more efficiently and much more accurately. Accurate, timely translations mean less confusion, less time wasted and in the long run, you will save money on the absence of mistakes.