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Language Metaphors
It is amazing how there are so many ways in which language can be used to brighten it up so that it sounds interesting and exciting. The use of metaphors is one way this has been done. It can be a challenge for an English German translator who wants an exact translation of an English metaphor because their meanings are so precise.

● The way some words in the language are used which are related to food. For example ‘This morning it took me a long time to digest that one of my best friends had died in a car accident’.
● When a word or group of words are difficult to say they may be a bit of a mouthful.
● When someone has told us something thought to provoke we may chew over what has been said before responding
● He was so amazed about what he has been told he spat out his reaction spontaneously.
● A book written using technical language is often indigestible.
● You may not want to hear this but the unpalatable truth is that when you reach 65 years of age it is unlikely the government of the day will dish out a pension.
● He spoke with bitter words about his family as he had been left out of his father’s will.
● Those were very acidic words you used to describe our new prime minister.
● Jill put on a sourly expression when she discovered she had not been invited to a birthday party.
● The teacher was determined to make the unruly student eat his words.

Often the sounds animals make are incorporated into our speech and language, particularly when it comes to expressing certain kinds of emotions. They too may be hard for a German English translator to handle. Read the following for examples

  • The school principal barked out his daily orders.
  • I just loved staying the day with you,’ she purred.
  • The store workers were bleating because the annual pay rise was so low.
  • The baseball team was crowing over its recent victory.
  • ‘Get moving!’ he snarled.
  • ‘What’s up with you today’ he bellowed.
  • ‘I knew in the end the ice would melt she cackled.

German translators will have a great time finding appropriate words for these metaphors.