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Times have changed considerably when it comes to learning a language for the first time. There are now many more really attractive resources to learn the German language available that give you every opportunity and most of them are online, many of which are free. Here is an overview of some of the better ones that are available.

Basics Of Any Language

Learn the German Language Using Podcasts

GermanPod101 comes in audio podcasts and lessons can be downloaded to complement these podcasts.  Included in the podcast lessons are videos, a database of vocabulary a German dictionary, explanations for different grammar points as well as several other useful products.

Learn German the Audio Way

Rocket German is considered to be a premium quality program which has a good range of German dialogue examples. It covers the beginner learner and the more advanced learner.

Learn German Through Video

Yabla German is a useful video site to teach you German. You can take control of the playback speed and choose words from the provided subtitles to find definitions. Yabla is constantly updating, so more resources become available to the student of German. Another resource to learn the German language using video is Fluentu German, which uses subtitling to help the learner.

Learn to Speak German Using Music

Rapid German is a basic but useful tool and competes well with the printed German phrasebook. The Rapid German teaching method is teaching you how to learn German synchronised with very repetitive tunes. This has the effect of causing the phrases to become firmly embedded in your head.
Listen and repeat as a resource to learn the German language is offered by Glossika German, which helps to improve your German fluency through the listen and repeat method. It uses listening comprehension in German and it has been found to be effective for improving German fluency if you use it every day.
Why German Is Easy, by Benny Lewis, has good reports for coming to terms with and handling common features of the German language. It seeks to solve German learning problems in your early years of learning the language.
If you want to keep your German language on the go throughout the day mobile apps are available to keep your fluency on your feet.

Best German Learning Mobile Apps

MOSAlingua German is an app that can be used on both Androids and iPhones. It showcases the language through the use of more than 3,000 flashcards. The dialogues are extremely useful. You are also able to track your progress.  Overall this app is inexpensive but useful.

Skype and Learning German

Italki is a German learning app that avoids the need to go to Germany to practice speaking the language. You can use it to connect with German speakers across the globe and arrange speaking lessons as you require them. It’s far more cost-effective to learn German through the app than have a teacher to engage with. You don’t need to worry about payment for lessons as you can arrange them yourself.

3 Other free Apps which Help you to Learn German

● AnkiSRS: is a useful and versatile app that uses flashcards.

 Forvo: Often when learning German you come across words, phrases, and expressions which you have no idea how to pronounce. Forvo offers the facility to search for these difficult German constructions and once you have located them you can ask for a native speaker to pronounce them.

● Duolingo German: is a free, fun and effective route for studying German grammar and constantly practising it while on the move.