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German Translations in Perth

Looking for a German translator in Perth? DAMMANN German–English Translations have been providing German translators in Perth for many years now. During our 10-year history we’ve been asked to translate every type of document there is to translate. Our business clients know us as an organisation that delivers complex translations that accurately capture all technical details. Our individual clients also rely on us to translate a life-changing document reliably so that complex issues such as immigration processes can proceed quickly. We’re proud to say that our high levels of professionalism are guaranteed by our NAATI certification.

Overview of German translation services in Perth

Getting a document translated is always about trust. You need to be able to trust your German translator in Perth to do a good job; after all, if you can’t translate it yourself, how can you check it? You need to be able to trust that the translation is of the highest quality.

Critical processes such as immigration or probate issues can often revolve around the translation of a simple personal document such as a driver’s license or birth certificate. Whilst the translation may be simple, there are key things that need to be included if it is to be of use in such cases. You need to be able to trust that your German translator in Perth is capable of delivering your translation accurately, and in the required form and style.

Documents that support businesses are always more technically complex, yet they still require accurate translation. Members of the business community look for a German translator in Perth to translate documents ensuring that no relevant details are lost. Legal documents such as patent applications, contracts and business presentations are all part of the wide range of translations we deliver for the German-speaking community. You need a German translator in Perth who will produce documents that you can rely on to support the growth of your business. We are NAATI-credentialed, and that means that any translation completed for you is compliant with any legal and professional requirements you may encounter (NAATI translation). For your own peace of mind, you need to talk to us if you are looking for a German translator in Perth.

Perth in two minutes –A video presented by your German translator in Perth

Perth is such a lovely place to be, with its river, beaches and stunning surroundings; and we’re so sure of this that as the leading German translation firm in Perth we’ve put together a video commentary (in German, of course), to show you exactly what’s on offer. Just sit back, click, and enjoy!

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German translators in Perth: Our price guarantee

How do you start to choose your German translator in Perth?

Membership of a trade association such as NAATI will mean that your German translator in Perth meets all the strict criteria required for membership of the association. You are assured that they only use translators of the highest standard, and you should therefore only be working with translators who are members of the association.

There’s no substitute for experience, and you need to find an organisation that has experience of your type of translation. DAMMANN German–English Translations have many years experience of providing an extensive range of translation types. As your German translators in Perth, they will bring a considerable breadth of experience, and are best placed to provide the service you need.

It’s also important to make sure that your German translator in Perth is capable of understanding the technical detail of your translation. You need a translation that has the correct technical detail as well as appropriate language. You need an organisation with in depth academic as well as technical qualifications.

Background: Why go to Perth?– A guide for Germans down under

Perth has come a long way since it was founded by Captain James Stirling in 1829. The population of the capital of Western Australia is now around 1.7 million, making it the country’s fourth most populous city, despite being one of the most isolated in the world. The climate is fairly moderate, with high seasonal rainfall.

People who have visited Perth tend to have nothing but good things to say about the city, and it featured as one of The Economist’s top ten “most liveable cities” in 2011. One of the reasons for this is its location on the banks of the Swan River. The juxtaposition of cityscape and nature provides beautiful views and wonderful photo opportunities, and the river itself offers superb water sports and fishing.

Outdoor attractions include the local beaches (Matilda Bay is popular for picnics, swimming, sunbathing and boating), Kings Park botanical gardens, and a little further out, the wine-growing region of the Swan Valley and the historic town of Guildford.

Meanwhile, the city centre offers free buses between urban locations such as the Perth Mint, Swan Bells Tower and the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Add to that a fine range of boutiques and department stores, and Perth really does seem to have something for everyone.