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Translation Techniques
Freelance professional translators and those who work with, or for, professional translation services employ a number of translation techniques in their work. How many are you familiar with? Probably not very many! The translation techniques employed depend on the types of translation they are familiar with. For example, a legal translator will inevitably employ certain techniques unique to legal translation, while a business translation specialist will employ other techniques. However, all professional translators aim for accuracy and will ensure that they thoroughly proofread their translations before submitting them back to their client.

Types of translation

Most translators tend to specialize in a certain field of translation, although some translators stick to general translation tasks that are always in constant demand like translating personal documents for immigration requirements.
Not all types of translation are of a similar level of skill. The cost of translation services is usually directly related to the type of translation required. For example, a translator who translates business websites may not charge as much as a skilled legal translator. In fact, many professional translators actually start out their professional lives in another career altogether and may turn to translation in later life because they have more control over the amount of work they do and can relax as they are under less pressure. This is true, for example, of legal translators and medical translators. It is quite possible that these translators actually gained considerable useful experience as lawyers or doctors respectively. They may have higher translation service prices than less qualified and specialized translators but their skills are less easy to find.
If you need fast, free translation and it really doesn’t matter about the accuracy of the translated copy too much you can even use online translation tools that can provide very rapid and even simultaneous translation albeit probably not very accurate translations at the click of a mouse!

Business translation

There is a constant need for business translation and there are a number of good business translators and agencies that specialize in this type of translation available. The need for business translators is increasing worldwide: mainly because of the surge in globalization over the last three decades. It has been generally recognized that businesses that have an international presence must be able to communicate in more than their own language. This is particularly true of businesses that are based in countries where the language is very limited on a world scale (Turkish or Japanese for example).
Most businesses these days have a business website and it is common for this to be able to be viewed in more than language. Big companies like Amazon, for example, have several key languages that their site can be viewed in. Translating web pages for a company is one important reason for finding a translator or translation agency. Suffice it is to say that a skilled business website translator will have developed techniques that are particularly valuable in website translation. An app. translator, on the other hand, may have developed slightly different techniques from a website translator.