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Modern-day consumers always appear to be in a hurry. So much so that when they access a website they don’t want to hang around for too long if the language of it isn’t clear or hasn’t been translated well. There is this habit these days of quickly skimming through a website to see if it is relevant or not. We can quickly detect what isn’t completely relevant and so we are learning to filter out facts and figures that aren’t 100% relevant to our requirements. It has been calculated that 15 seconds is the average time someone sits on a web page. This is a very short period of time so businesses need to improve their websites so that they catch the attention of any likely browser.
Language Translation

Marketers Need to care more about their Website’s Language than anyone else

Generally, companies do well with their marketing materials when it comes to their own language. But as their business begins to grow and new markets are necessary it needs to put the translation on its map. The usual option is to translate the content of a website into languages most commonly used on the internet. A straightforward translation is often chosen. This is a good start as it eliminates the need to hire new content strategists to start a website in another language. However, it’s important to choose a human translator from a marketing translation service who knows both your market and the terms commonly used in the market so that the translation language can be more consistent. If mistranslations occur, readers will get confused and may no longer buy your product.
The translation aim is to talk to the reader in a way that he or she wouldn’t know that the text is actually a translation.

Familiarity is important to consumers

When involved in e-commerce purchases there is a certain amount of in trepidation among customers when it comes to buying a product from a business with an unfamiliar name. There are certain things they need to see in their own language, such as the security methods when paying by credit card and the policy for returning a faulty product. If the language used is comforting to the buyer then a sale of a product is more or less guaranteed.  

Clear language needs to be used

There is nothing better than ensuring your marketing translation done by a translator from a marketing translation service is concise and written in clear language. For example, when it comes to pricing a product to be purchased online showing the cost in USD when the website has been translated into German for the German customer this would mean the potential German customer would have to open up a new tab to get the price in euros. Many would just switch to another page.