Migrating to Australia? Get your documents translated by an approved German translator

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Are you intending to migrate to Australia? If you are of German origin or from a German language speaking country such as Austria or Switzerland you may need to translate any important documents you have into English before they are accepted by federal Immigration officials or an individual state agency. You may need to be sponsored by an employer or nominated by a state agency for a visa and be required to provide a number of personal documents. Examples are things like educational qualifications, employment contracts, references, and so on. These may be required to demonstrate that you are suitable to be employed in a job you have applied for. There is an easy way to get these documents translated. By using a NAATI accredited German translator Cairns, for instance, you can just upload your documents online and they can be translated from German into English very quickly.

You don’t need to be physically in Queensland or anywhere in Australia, in fact. You can get your documents translated just as easily in Germany, Austria or Switzerland by using a German translator based here in Australia as it is entirely an online service. The only thing to check is whether the translator has to sight the original copies of any documents you need to translate. There are some circumstances in which the translator must confirm that they have seen the original document and that the translation they have made is an accurate translation of the original in German.

The reason why old or current employment contracts are important is that they provide evidence of the type of responsibilities you have had experience of in the past and an indication of how much you were paid. The authorities in Australia, federal or state, need all documents that they consider essential translated into English before they are acceptable. Even if you can speak very good English it is not good enough for you to do your own translation. The translations need to be done by someone who is approved by the Australian government. A NAATI German translator Cairns or any other translator from another Queensland city is able to provide perfectly acceptable translations of your old employment contracts or any other documents which are needed such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving licenses, qualifications and statements of service.