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Business is more international than ever. Companies are continually striving to expand their markets, make use of low cost or more convenient locations for production or distribution and the advent of the internet has helped globalization of business no end. But all this international activity brings its own challenges.

One challenge that almost all businesses face today compared to a relatively short time ago is the need to be multilingual. How do you get the message about your product across without it being translated into the most common languages used by your market? How does a company keep track of what’s happening in a distant factory without being able to communicate well in the language used by the workers there? The issues are endless and the demand for accurate, fast and professional business document translation services is growing.

Human translation can be lengthy and expensive but is still best when the documents are complex or of particular value, such as legal documents. But how does a business deal with the sheer volume of multilingual communication?

One of the ways that businesses overcome some of these translation challenges is the growing use of increasingly sophisticated machine translation. If you are a German English translator, for example, using machine translation technology to do much of the work can be a huge time and money saver. Machine translation is not a substitute for human translation, but an accompaniment. The machine translation can be left for the most mundane and repetitive translation or modified and perfected by human editors later on.

Businesses which operate in the international marketplace have naturally acquired challenges which were never there beforehand. Websites must be accessible to new markets. Employees of a multinational company must be able to communicate and collaborate together. Customer support has to cope with queries and comments from many different sources. A whole avalanche of information is normally flowing in any thriving international business with such things as web forums, customer reviews, and blogs. Normally, these cannot be translated using traditional methods because of the speed at which they appear, but machine translation technology can help with automated responses in many cases with human intervention where necessary.