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Perfect German Words
Some of the most powerful German words in the German language are those that are molded together to make a super-long word. An example is “Kraftfahrzeughaftpflichtversicherung”, which quite literally means “automobile liability insurance.” There was another awesome German word, “Rindfleischetikettierungsueberwachungsaufgabenuebertragungsgesetz”, which when it existed meant “law delegating beef label monitoring.” Here are some more examples of German words we need in English that could be added to a vocabulary list:


This powerful German word describes the feeling one has of having the weight of the world on one’s shoulders. If you are watching a moving documentary on Netflix, concerning the plight of starving children in a far-flung place which makes you fall into a state of hopelessness regarding the planet Earth, you have Weltschmerz. If you portray a gloomy view of the world due to some unexpected even and you express your feelings openly, dun hast Weltschmerz.


This is a feeling you may have when you watch a clip from America’s Funniest Home Videos where somebody is hurt in a stupid way. Some may feel Schadenfreude, which is an awesome German word, sometimes used in English, meaning another’s pain makes you feel happy.


Treppenwitz is when you end up in an argument with somebody and you want so much to come up with a snappy comeback but it takes too long to happen. This is one of the language’s awesome German words.


If a German is told that there was a phrase in English for Gemütlichkeit, which means feeling cozy, this is a German word that describes the total atmosphere in your surroundings and not just being on a soft couch, but also under a warm blanket and surrounded by family.


This is one of the German words which is allocated to someone who has a grasp of several languages.


This is a word which describes a complex group of emotions. It is derived from Sehnen, which literally means “to long for or yearn for’’ and Sucht, which means a craving, obsession or addiction. It could show that you are really missing someone or something.