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Official (NAATI) German document translation services

We offer you competitively priced German–English translations of your personal documents and are experts in supporting German-speaking migrants from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland during their visa application process with our reliable and affordable service.

The translations that you will receive are created by professionals with NAATI translator accreditation. Such NAATI translations are required by many authorities in Australia and beyond.

So, if you are seeking someone to translate a document from German to English, make sure that you get a German NAATI translation so that you can actually use the outcome for official purposes. You should also ensure that the translator has experience in legal matters and especially immigration, as getting qualifications and job names right is important so that the Australian authorities (and employees, etc.) understand what your documents are about.

Documents and certificates that we commonly translate from and into German:

  • Driver licenses
  • Police checks
  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Employment references
  • Bank statements
  • Marriage certificates
  • Apprenticeship certificates
  • Vocational school transcripts
  • High school certificates
  • Degree certificates
  • Residential tenancy agreements
  • Phone bills
  • Tax documents
  • Payslips and wage summaries
  • Employment contracts
  • Evidence of health insurance
  • Personal statements and affidavits for spouse visas.

Added value for our German and Australian translation clients

We also offer the option of summary translations or extract translations, which can save you hundreds of dollars.

Among our regular customers are the following:

  • Immigrants and visa applicants
  • Migration agents
  • Employment agencies
  • Professionals and expats
  • International students and graduates
  • Visitors, travellers, and backpackers
  • Employers
  • Government agencies

German student translation services

We support German students with NAATI-certified document translations including academic transcripts, education certificates, employment references, etc.

We’ve seen all potential areas of difficulty at least once and know how to best translate your degree title, education level, or job title.

This is something not to be underestimated – an incorrectly translated word can cause problems when seeking a credit transfer, a university admission, or skills recognition.

German driver licence translation

We can translate your German (Swiss, Austrian, etc.) driver license into English. It’s a quick, standard process that we do on a daily basis. We also offer a rush service for certified driver license translations if you’re stuck at a rental car office or at the airport.

So if you need to hire a car in Australia, want to apply for an Australian driver license, or just want to have a translation readily available in your glove box in case you’re pulled over by the police, we can assist quickly and for a very low fee.

Ordering a German English translation: how it’s done


I just wanted to let you know that I’ve received the translated document and wanted to thank you for completing the translation so quickly. I’m very happy with the result, it looks fantastic and is translated perfectly.

Deborah Nelson


Chris translated some documents for my Victorian teaching application. His service was very reliable, fast, and he beat several other quotes I had obtained. Communication was easy and quick. I would definitely use him again and can therefore recommend Dammann German-English Translations.

Julika, Hamburg


Today, I have checked and read all the translated documents you have sent me. It is superb and very professional work and I appreciate it very much. Thank you so much for the translations of my documents.

Annemarie Limacher

Lake Munmorah

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