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Pitfalls to avoid

Pitfall #1 Avoiding localization and transcreation
In order to get multilingual content of the highest-quality it must resonate with your target audience which means completing a translation that is more than just words. Localization is when local cultural features are included in the translated text whereas transcreation is creating completely new content which matches the right culture. These two features can’t be ignored if you wish to ensure you deliver content that matches the way your audiences speak, live and act.

Pitfall #2 Relying too much on machine-translation

Tools like Google Translate that only translate word by word are unable to reflect the cultural nuances of the target audience. Translations that have been conducted by using a machine only offer a general idea of the content making the translation sound inaccurate, often full of errors and not in context. Even though machine translations have improved considerably they should only be used for translations that need to be done quickly and the output does not need to be of high quality.

Pitfall #3 Picking the wrong translator

A translation of specific material cannot necessarily be translated by any translator as translators do specialise. So if a medical documents translator is required for a German translation, a translator specialising in this area should be pursued. For a multinational company that wishes to invest a large amount into translating content for markets all over the world will have to employ a large translation company that can access enough expert translators in a wide range of languages. However, if you are looking for a German English translator for content that is highly specialised, you should be seeking a freelancer who is experienced in translating your specific content.

Pitfall #4 Failing to review to ensure quality

When you get a translation done you should ensure that it is checked for context confusion, grammatical errors and misspellings.  During the review process, a professional German translator and proofreader can ensure the whole translation will draw potential customers to stay on your website.

Pitfall #5 Failing to understand the importance of editorial guidelines and style

The style and layout of your website should not be overlooked as your brand will be recognised by its style so when it’s translated this style should be maintained throughout the translated content pages so that customers know you and your brand whatever the language it is.  Words that are essential for your brand and any industry jargon that is part of your company, like acronyms and abbreviations, should be included, too.