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"Twist" by Carlos Porto

Incredible as it may appear,Germany’s love for beer is diminishing.  According to recent figures, Germans consumed 2% less beer than last year.  It’s unclear why this is the case, perhaps it’s connected with a growing global interest in wine.

One of the connections between Germany and Australia is that both are famous wine-producing countries.  Germany has a long history of wine production in the Rhinearea, with some vineyards dating back to Roman times.  In Australia, wines are produced in every state, although the states which are most associated with wine-making are South Australiaand Tasmania.  Locally-produced wines have been for sale in Australia since the 1820s but their international fame has been more recent.  Initially Australian wine was treated as the poor relation of European wine, even though it performed well in blind-tastings.  Since the dawn of the 21st Century,Australia’s wine export industry has gone from strength to strength.

Any key industry requires skilled workers.  In the case of wine-making,Australianeeds both young travellers to help with the grape harvesting and qualified professionals to help with the business of getting the produce to market.  There are specialist German translation services which will help with the migration process.