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Being fluent in more than your native language like German is a dream for many and a reality for some. However, that dream is not always transformed into reality for a number of different reasons.
Reasons to learn

There are many good reasons to learn German depending on your personal circumstances. If you travel a lot to Germany on holiday it just makes you feel that much more comfortable if you can speak a little German as it tends to improve your relationship with the people around you. Also, if you go to Germany to clinch a business deal it’s far better to speak the language than let an interpreter do the job for you. You have to work out yourself if learning German is worth it.
Before choosing a second language to learn people ask “how hard is it to learn German?” How difficult any language depends on the amount you intend to put into learning the language. It requires a lot of memory skills like remembering the vocabulary, the pronunciation and the order of words so that’s why German is so hard to learn.
Some people decide to learn German because they have met a new partner that speaks the language so it’s worth learning German just to fit in better with the new partner’s family and friends. Is learning German worth it if you break up the relationship with your German partner? This is something you will have to decide for yourself.
Of course, there are other reasons to learn German and that’s because Germany is an economic powerhouse with one of the healthiest economies in Europe. This means there are always trade and work options between and in Germany once you become fluent enough to stand up for yourself in the German language.

Why do so many People give up Learning a Second Language?

It takes a lot of perseverance and concentration in learning any language let alone German so why is German so hard to learn? This is because there are so many parts to learning the German language that people tend to give up easily. They have to have a very high motivation to start to learn the language in the first place. If your reasons are good for learning German then you won’t give up until you are sufficiently fluent to keep up a useful conversation. What’s at least as important as one of the reasons for learning German is being able to understand what Germans are saying when you are listening to their conversations.