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Red Rose

Today is Rosenmontag, the day when the whole of Germany braves the cold to have fun in the streets before the serious business of lent.  The first Karneval club was founded in 1823, making the festivities official, so to speak, although the revelries had been a feature of the season for many years previously and are still thriving today.  Shrove Tuesday is one of the few days of the year where many German businesses accept the fact that their employees are likely to be (at least slightly) the worse for wear (although many people take the day as a holiday to recover).

In Australia the term Carnival may be more commonly associated with a cruise line, but the country still loves a party.  As well as the celebrated New Year’s Eve party in Sydney, the country hosts a variety of parties and festivals throughout the year.  As so many nationalities and religions are now represented in Australia, if there is a key event somewhere around the world, the chances are, it’s being supported in Australia (Chinese New Year being an obvious example). Australia also organizes a number of themed festivals such as the Melbourne International Arts Festival in October.

Obviously these parties and festivals need staff and so are good places to look for employment, either temporary for young travellers, or longer-term for seasoned professionals.  Making use of quality German translation services can help to smooth the necessary visa process.