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Easter Eggs And Bunnies

If Easter is here can chocolate be far behind? While those in the Northern Hemisphere are using chocolate to celebrate the start of Spring, those in the Southern Hemisphere are using it to console themselves for the start of Autumn. Admittedly Autumn in Australia is still a very pleasant season, but it’s still a good excuse to eat chocolate.
This may be why the German arm of fabled Swiss chocolate-makers, Lindt, has created over 190 million of the famous (and delicious) gold bunnies. This far exceeds the number of (equally tasty) Santas made at Christmas (about 140 million). Many of these lovely creatures will be hopping off to other countries to satisfy the demand from sweet-toothed people internationally. Most of the German creations will be heading to other European countries but some will make their way to the U.S. and Australia.
Hopefully those who enjoy them will be cleaning their teeth afterwards and perhaps going for a brisk walk to burn off the calories. Even in the cooler seasons, Australians are encouraged to keep fit. The emphasis on health in Australia means that people who have skills in related fields (such as medicine or leisure) are often welcomed into the country. Making use of the skills of a German NAATI translator will help to ensure that the immigration process is as smooth as Lindt chocolate.