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Many businesses earn an income from winning tenders. These could be tenders at home or overseas. As commerce has become more and more global, it’s not uncommon for companies to apply for tenders offered by companies outside of their own. When a foreign tender bid is made the use of the language of the organisation who is offering the tender is essential to secure the tender. This is because the language written in the tender documents is only written in one language. An easy and quick solution has been the tendency to use machine translation (MT) to provide the meaning of the document. This is often done through loading the document onto an online machine translation service which quickly creates a document in the required language.

The problem with machine translations is that they often only provide word to word translation which doesn’t take into account the context of the text and may choose an incorrect word when translating the document through its machine software. It is crucial with something as important as a tender document to get the translation completely correct so that no misunderstandings take place.

Many German translation services are professional companies which offer a German translator who can provide English to German and German to English translation tender translations. It’s not just the tender document that has to be translated but the tender application too. This means if an Australian company is interested in a tender offered by a German company it will need to get the tender document translated into English and then the application for the tender will need to be translated into German.

Legal wording is an important part of both the tender document outlining the details of the service or product desired and the tender application. Any misunderstanding that could take place due to a poor machine translation could do more damage than it is worth and a dispute may even end up in court. This sort of misunderstanding is minimised when a professional German translation services company is used to provide a translation of the tender document and any applications filed which will be competing with other companies in order to win the tender. The precise information is translated far more effectively by a human translator than any machine translation and it’s thoroughly proofread to ensure the translation is correct and clear.