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“Yolo” an English slang expression meaning “You only live once” has been voted “Youth Word of the Year” in an annual competition run by dictionary compilers Langenschiedt.

Young Germans can have a once in a lifetime experience inAustraliaby taking advantage of the Working Holiday Visa scheme.  Designed to facilitate a combination of work and travel for up to a year, it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage ofAustralia’s climate and outdoor lifestyle (and return toGermanywith new friends and outstanding skills in English).

As well as having a continual need for young workers, meaning that employment opportunities are good,Australiais also the perfect place to try adventure sports such as parachuting, bungee jumping, gliding, kayaking and SCUBA diving.  For those new to these activities (and many others), the standard of instruction is high, as is the quality of equipment available to buy or hire.

Any adventure sport carries an element of risk and fortunately for when accidents happen, the standard of medical care available inAustraliais excellent.  As an accident does not have to be serious to be expensive, it is strongly recommended that anyone wishing to participate in adventure sports makes sure that their insurance cover permits these activities.  In the event of an accident, it can be very worthwhile to arrange for all relevant documentation to be professionally translated by a knowledgeable translator to ensure smooth processing of any insurance claim.