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Why can’t I use an online translation programme for translation purposes? It is laughable to even vaguely contemplate using a computer-generated translation for any documents that are official such as birth certificates, educational qualifications, marriage certificates, passports and work records. There is far more to language translation than just substituting words in one language with words from another which is so often what happens when you copy and paste a document into an online translator and then ask it to generate a good translation.

  • There is what is called appropriate language for the expected audience.
  • An online language translator doesn’t know your audience but a certified translator does.
  • There are many organisations that will only accept translations from a certified translation service.

If you present documents for example to an immigration service they won’t be convinced if the translation of your overseas documents are not in appropriate English. They may just completely disregard them and assume they are poorly written fakes. A certified translator would never allow this to happen otherwise he or she would never have been certified in the first place.
There are other people and organizations that expect impeccable translations too, such as

  • academic institutions
  • businesses
  • courts and
  • lawyers.

A certified translation service provides clear written communicative translations which overcome language barriers. It provides clear written communication, which helps to get jobs, visas sponsorships and citizenship.  If a certified translator is hired, the faster recognition of credentials and documents can take place.