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Social Media Wonders
The strategic use of social media is commonplace these days commercially, whether you are a large business or a growing one person business concern like a German translation service. This doesn’t mean you have to flood your social media platform mercilessly with promotional material, but it may mean that you ensure you learn a bit about when translators and the translation industry are most active. This saves you wasting valuable translation time on posting on your social media platform when no one is looking.

Once you have established when it’s best to be involved you will need to market your brand and what you have to offer. It’s important that you stand apart from other translators and you market yourself in a way that you can be recognised. You might want to use an image on your profile that marks you. If you choose an image, and it’s original, make sure you have signed it so others can’t take your idea or imitate you.

Social media isn’t just about connecting with people who share the same language, especially in the German translation industry, but it is also about connecting with people who use the other languages you are proficient in. This is where you may be able to get some leads into adding new clients to your workload. What often interests others is sharing aspects of your own culture as this is a powerful linguistic and cultural tool and will draw people to you.

You can do this in both your first language and any other languages that you are competent to use as a German translator. By doing this it can enable you to construct a following which comes from a multicultural community. You can learn more about the effect of culture on languages and how words are used in different contexts that you may not be aware of. This builds your knowledge of the language contexts you may not be familiar with and you can use these new constructions when you are doing work for clients.

In summary, social media offers you the opportunity to introduce who you are and the services you offer in a convincing and professional way.