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The Power of the World’s Conversation

Market research is almost part of the past and is no longer required, as social media with data analytics offers businesses a powerful platform that enables them to better understand what is going on in their industry. Global social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn allow companies to learn about market trends giving them a better chance to meet the needs of their customers.

Just by paying more attention to what people are sharing offers modern businesses the equivalent of costly market research results. The opportunities to make use of social media are abundant. However, real success is determined by moving past just participation and but formulating a sound strategy for each of the social media platforms that factor in the complexity of the present social landscape.

Beginning with a Brand Platform

Brands never stay the same and the business marketing them needs to refresh their image from time to time. Organizations that do well can more easily strengthen and adapt when the market changes so that they are still able to meet their customer needs. A brand that is cohesive and connects well on global social media platforms will, in the end, be a success. As long as enough time is invested to clearly communicate a brand’s strategy, ambassadors for the brand and social media will be more effective at playing their roles.

Employees are an Important part of a Brand

Employees need to be loyal to the brand they are employed to produce and that means they should be swayed into supporting the company’s aims. This strategy drives individual employees to believe they are unique which inspires them to tell their friends about the product through social media.

Sykes is a company with a single goal and that is to get a competitive advantage over others. They have built a social program through the sharing of stories and getting involved in conversations around its purposes. To help them they have assembled a video called “Work, Learn, Grow.”This explores authentic global employees’ perspectives within its culture and how it helps. This provides powerful content that brings to life its competitive advantage.

Consider Cultural Nuances

Many marketers make the fatal mistake by focusing on just a local audience while not considering the potential for a global presence.  What is important to better ensure success is recognizing to begin with that when it comes to global social media conversation as every region is unique in terms of its business needs.

For the larger organizations, it benefits to embed a federated model when considering an approach to social media. This gives each region in the company a specific amount of autonomy when managing and operating its own social media channels but keeping with guidelines set for the brand. It’s vital to understand how the target audience of each region may interact quite differently in the social media platform, which highlights the importance of making use of platforms which are country-specific in order to expand, reach out and generate more engagement.