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Your business may now be floundering, just when you thought you were getting somewhere. The rapid spread of Covid-19 has put a lot of businesses on hold worldwide. However, this is not the time to spend too much time wondering what went wrong. The pandemic will ease at some point, hopefully, sooner rather than later. Worldwide travel has taken a big hit, but worldwide trade certainly hasn’t. You can still make things in one country and ship them all around the world to new markets.

The nasty virus hasn’t really affected the ability of the Internet to facilitate marketing and selling products all-around your own base country and around the world as well. Just look at Amazon. Amazon is actually expanding and doing more business now with the demand for online shopping, than the period immediately before the pandemic hit.
Of course, every business is different and it may be that your particular business is more affected by the pandemic than others. If you are going to wait a little bit longer to get your business up and running again it’s a good idea to think about how you can get ahead of the pack when things return to normal.

Why you will Need Professional Marketing Translators

If you were thinking of expanding your market far and wide before the pandemic, then concentrate on how best to do this. One certainty is that if you really want to have a business presence anywhere else other than your own home country, you will be dependent on the skills of professional translators to help you. Don’t make the mistake of cutting corners on translation. The worst thing you can do is think that you can use English when marketing your products anywhere else but your home market.
Even using English in other English language majority countries can be problematic. U.S. English, for example, is distinctively different from the U.K. or Australian English. Yes, Nigerians and Indians speak English extremely well. So, incidentally, do Swedes and Norwegians. But you can bet your life on it that most Indians browse the web for new products in Hindi, or a regional language like Malayalam or Bengali, not English. Scandinavians prefer their own languages, too, thank you very much!
Almost as bad as relying on English is to overuse computer-generated translation tools. For sure, these are certainly a lot cheaper than employing a professional human translator, but they are a lot less accurate. If you are serious about selling your stuff anywhere else other than home, using something like Google Translate could do more harm than good. There have been some howlers in the past when even well-known brands have failed to translate their marketing material wisely.

Use Specialised Marketing Translators

The upshot is that if you want to sell your stuff anywhere else other than your own country you need to take other languages seriously. The best way to do this is to use a professional translation agency that specialises in marketing translation. They will not only do the language conversion for you but make sure that it is culturally appropriate. It’s amazing just how important it is to use the right marketing language. Images, colour, dialect and colloquial references all make a huge difference at home, so why wouldn’t they anywhere else, too?
Don’t forget, all those potential new customers in far-flung lands will only look at buying from you if they know that you exist and that they can understand the benefits of buying your stuff. Why should they buy from you rather than a local supplier? What’s your point of difference? How can you persuade these people to go out on a limb and purchase from a new international supplier?