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Broom Stick

As of January 2013,Germany’s legendary chimney sweeps will be moving into a new era asGermanyhas opened up the trade to freelancers as well as the long-established registered tradesmen who have safeguarded the country’s roofs for decades.
Even in the 21st Century, chimneysweeps inGermany are still very much in demand, but there are relatively few people able and willing to join the ranks of their profession.  Perhaps they would be more interested in heading off to work in sunnier climes inAustralia.  Those with in-demand skills, such as agricultural workers, engineers and medical professionals (and many more) will receive a warm welcome inAustralia, in every sense of the phrase.

Skilled workers will usually find it straightforward to get the appropriate visa to work inAustralia, although it often pays dividends to have all documentation professionally translated by a German NAATI translator.  This helps ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible and avoids any embarrassing translation mistakes.
Having a professional translator on board can also help with the logistics of moving family, pets and household goods to their new home.  Most people find that once they are on Australian soil, they adapt very quickly to the pleasant climate and outdoor lifestyle as well as enjoyingAustralia’s excellent cultural scene.