The AHK Means Business When it Comes to Bilateral Trade

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German and Australian companies have a friend in the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (the AHK, for short). The Chamber was set up only in 1977 but has become an important player in promoting bilateral trade between the two countries. The organisation is open to any company in either country that has some sort of business relations between Australia and Germany and one of its main objectives is to support its members with the initiation of business relationships and market developments.

The work of the Chamber complements the help that German NAATI translators give to businesses that need business and legal documents translated from German to English or vice versa. In fact, the more business that is encouraged by the AHK, it is inevitable that there will be a greater need for a competent and professional German translation service.
Australia is not the only country outside Germany that has its own AHK. In fact, there are around 80 other countries where AHKs are set up – all the countries that have a special business interest for German companies. The AHKs all have a strong relationship with the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce or the IHKs.

Here in Australia, the AHK has two main bases – in Melbourne and Sydney – and with well over 30 years of existence has built up a very knowledgeable and useful team of experts who can guide your company through the essentials of marketing strategy, whether yours is a German company wishing to set up a business in Australia or vice versa.

The AHK believes that a good marketing strategy is a key part of setting up business overseas. As the AHK has strong networking a platform with its relationship with its sister organisations elsewhere and its diverse industry membership, it is in a good position to provide advice and support where it is needed most.

For an effective business relationship, of course, communication is a vital part and this is where an efficient German English translation service is very important. Business relationships can be made or lost because of the quality of communication. Business is also under time constraints. Your business cannot afford to waste time trying to understand what a business partner is saying. When it comes to marketing strategy, good translations are even more important and must be culturally appropriate as well as accurate.