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You might not know this but German is not just the language of Germany but there are six other countries worldwide where German is the official or dominant language.

It is estimated that 126 million people speak German and 82 million of these reside in Germany while 44 million live elsewhere. German Naati Translators often get requests for translations from countries other than Germany.

Austria, Germany’s southern neighbour, has a population who are mainly German speakers and it has a population of about 8 million. The capital is Wien which has a great reputation for being one of the most liveable cities in the world.
Switzerland, with a population of 7 million, has a German-speaking majority, making up 65% of the population. The remainder speak Ispeaksn, French, or Rhaeto-Romansh, While Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city, the capital is Bern.
Currently, Switzerland has marked its independence and neutrality by being the only large German-speaking country that has remained outside the European Union with the use of the euro as its currency.

That is not all of the German speaking countries as there is mini Liechtenstein, nestled in between Switzerland and Austria. Its capital is Vaduz, with only 5,000 inhabitants out of a total of a mere 30,000. Luxembourg, flanking Germany’s western border appears French by its use of place and names of streets, but German is the official language of business and most of Luxembourg’s citizens speak Lëtztebuergesch, which is a German dialect. Most of Luxembourg’s newspapers are published in the German language.

There are significant numbers of German speakers in Italy, Belgium, France and the former Soviet Union. Lesser numbers of German speakers are found in Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Slovakia. There is also a demand for a German Naati Translator Perth where German speakers live too. With all this said about the distribution of German worldwide, it ranks as number 10 in the world  languages league tables. That is why a German English Translator is frequently sought after to complete translation work.