The Goethe-Institut is an Important Window on Modern Germany

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Anyone who has an interest in Germany or a German-speaking nation may find the work of the Goethe-Institut here in Australia valuable. The institute is the Federal republic’s official overseas cultural organisation and its aim is to provide knowledge of the German language in Australia as well as promote international cultural cooperation between the two countries. The institute operates in many other countries and is a useful window on what is currently happening in one of the more important powerhouses of modern Europe.

The institute does not provide a German English translation service, although it does offer classes in German for those who live in Sydney and Melbourne. If you need to get documents translated form English into German or German into English you will still need a German NAATI translator to do the translating for you, but the Institut can complement this translation service with very useful information about Germany – its people, culture and social and political life. The Institut is independent of any political organisation and acts to sponsor German language courses and the learning of the German language in a number of different ways including providing support to Australians who teach German.

The Goethe-Institut in both main centres acts as bases for their activities in other states and territories so you are not left out if you live in Queensland, the NT, or anywhere else in Australia for that matter.
As well as promoting the learning of the German language, the institute works closely with its partners here in Australia to bring the two countries closer together culturally. For instance, it sponsors cultural understanding with visitor exchanges and scholarships.

The information service of the institute provides an extensive German library collection which can be accessed on loan through recognised Australian libraries. It also has an e-news service on what’s going on in Germany as well as an Info-Space opportunity at its centre in Sydney.