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It started out like the beginning of an adventure story. A 10-year-old boy finds a mummy in his grandad’s attic in a coffin-shaped box covered with Egyptian symbols. He excitedly reports his find to the authorities who speculate that it could be a historical breakthrough, originating from North Africa and being approximately 2000 years old.

Unfortunately the mummy turned out to be made of plastic, or at least mostly made of plastic, the skull was real and thought to have been taken by medical students, either for genuine home study or as a prank. While archaeologists are no longer interested in the find, chemists may be intrigued to find out more about the as yet unknown substance which was sprayed on the bones and which prevented a computer scan from identifying that the bones were in fact plastic.

While German historians may have been disappointed this time, they can console themselves that new and exciting genuine discoveries are being made the world over. Australia is a particularly exciting place due to its ancient aboriginal culture. For those interested in heading to Australia to explore the county’s history or for any other reason, using the services of a German NAATI translator will help to avoid confusion.