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German links with Australia are strong ones, not just because so many Australians claim some sort of German ancestry. German Australian business links are very important to both countries and there is a constant demand for good quality German English translators to translate business communication and documents from one language to the other.

One organization which exists in Australia to help to understand of the way German businesses operate and promote business relationships between senior Australian businessmen and their German counterparts is the Australian German Association (AGA).

The AGA was set up in 1974 by a group of Australian business people who were aware of the growing impact of Germany as an economic partner with Australia. The AGA understood that German business was particularly important when it came to trade and investment.

A similar organisation was set up in Germany by like-minded German business people. It has changed its name with the unification of Germany and is now called the Ostasiatischer Verein. A conference which helps to deal with matters important to business people in both countries is organised every two years alternating between a location in Australia and Germany.

Although the AGA originally aimed to educate Australian business people about German business culture it works in a rather informal way and often provides a forum for people from both countries to meet over a meal. German businesspeople take advantage of the activities of the two sister organisations and are able to keep their finger on the pulse of the two important economies through it.

Many people who hold some sort of responsible role in both countries have met with the help of the AGA. They include not only business people, but other people active in government, banking, tourism, culture and industry.
Having a good German NAATI translation service in Australia provides a way for people from both countries to communicate easily and efficiently