The Visa Process in Germany for Foreign Workers

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The twenty first century has seen an unprecedented mobility in the labour market, with professionals moving often far away from their original home in order to work for a more exciting career or more lucrative salary. For many temporary work migrants it may be the first time they come across an often complex bureaucratic hurdle they need to traverse before taking up employment. If you are taking up employment in Germany, for instance, you will need to use a good German English translation service to get all your documentation translated into German. You will also have to know which departments in Germany deal with the various forms that are needed for the E.U. wide work permit valid in Germany called the Blue Card, as well as a German residence permit.

Most professionals hired by a multinational company or agency based in Germany or a German firm that is seeking to employ foreign talent will use the services of an efficient German translation agency to help deal with the paperwork. The following is a snapshot of the process involved.

The foreign employee’s qualifications will need to be checked against the German Anabin database for equivalence with the similar German qualification. If the foreign qualification is not on the database, it will have to be sent to the Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen in Germany for certifying it individually for a fee.

The employing company will need to submit a formal letter called the Erlaubnis einer Beschäftigung form, which states in German why the foreign professional is being employed.

For the Blue Card approval itself, a Stellenbeschreibung form needs to be submitted. This may have to be quite detailed if the salary to be paid is not equivalent to what should be paid on a Blue Card salary.

These forms as well as a full job description need to be sent to the Arbeitsagnetur, together with a scanned copy of the applicant’s passport and a German translation copy of the qualifications, CV and employment contract.

An application for a German residence permit (in German) is to be made from the country of residence before travelling to Germany.

As can be seen from a perusal of the process described above, even though more people are moving outside their home countries more than ever before, it doesn’t mean that the process is any easier. That’s why your chosen German translation service agency is so useful!