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Language Barrier

Speak slowly and clearly and concentrate on keeping focused on what you want to say. Any form of miscommunication can lead to misunderstanding and this is not what business wants as it may have to follow what’s been agreed upon because it can’t release itself from the miscommunication.
Asking a question so as to clarify something ensures you are kept up-to-date and understand what’s going on so that overcoming language barriers can take place.

Avoid the use of Business Jargon

By keeping your language jargon-free helps to increase understanding far more quickly. Trying to translate the jargon you use is not the way to overcome language barriers.

Know which Language is Being Spoken in your Market

If you have become familiar with the language of the country you intend to market your product to it gives you the opportunity just to learn a few simple phrases as this makes you appear more confident and trustworthy.

Keep an Interpreter Close by

A simple easy answer to avoiding miscommunication is to have an interpreter at your side all the time. You may have someone in your business’s team who can assist you from time to time. If you don’t you can hire an interpreter from a professional interpreter business who can accompany you when you are attending events that require your presence and you need to know exactly what’s going on at any particular time.

Use the Best Form of Communication, not the Easiest

If it’s better to use the phone rather than email, it will help you do business. You can get an interpreter to help you as you can use the speaker on your phone so your interpreter can listen to the conversation.

Be Patient

Overcoming language barriers is not easy if you are not fluent in the language of the country you wish to do business with and as translation and interpretation is required you will need to be far more patient than when communicating in your own language. Cross-cultural communicating is time-consuming and you should allow extra time in your business plan to enable you to overcome language barriers