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Smart Travel Translation
German-speaking populations in the three main German-speaking nations of Germany itself, Austria and Switzerland conform to the general observation that people prefer to use a website, whatever its nature if it is written in their own native language than any other. That’s the case even if they are bilingual or multilingual, as, in fact, many German-speaking people are.
This is as true for travel services websites, as they are for e-commerce websites. When creating a travel website that is intended for a German speaking market it needs an effective German translation service to provide the German version of what is written on that website.

Varied travel services all need Professional German Translators and localisation specialists

Typical travel services that need to ensure they have German translators on tap, as well as translators who can effectively localise the information they want to get across, include airlines, hotels, tour and travel agencies, official tourism offices, magazine, leaflet and brochure creators that provide both the printed as well as the online information which it is hoped is aimed to attract the German-speaking traveller.
German speakers accessing your travel website need to have full access to every part of it, not just the main pages. Familiarity with your site depends on effective German-English Translation so when this is available it increases trust in your services and brings back consumers time and time again.

Forget the lure of Machine Translation over Human Translation

Machine translation may seem enticing. It’s quick and cheap, but it won’t do for travel translation where the language must be modified to entice German travelers to visit. Human linguists are far preferable to using machine translation, although the gap between the two is closing slowly. Free samples and cheap deals are a standard incentive for travel these days. German speakers, like 80% of the rest of the world prefer to search for what they want in their own language and preferably one that they can relate to socially and culturally. Machine translation cannot match human translators in translating most travel literature.