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Freelance Translation Career
Choosing to be a freelancer is often a difficult decision for many translators as moving from a predictable job to a more unpredictable freelance role can be life-changing. All of a sudden you are on your own seeking out clients to work for. The regular income stops and your initiative and resourcefulness come into play.
Fortunately, the role of the Internet has changed the face of freelancing in the last two decades. There are now many fully functional websites that allow you to post your profile so that potential clients are able to seek you out. You can go to dedicated sites such as Up-work where translation jobs are posted for you to browse. Either way, these methods of seeking work don’t need much effort from you. You can also create your own website to showcase your translation projects, place testimonials from happy clients and generally market yourself as a successful, driven German translator.
However, to make yourself more accessible you should put more time into creating a winning profile that will turn potential clients’ heads.
Another important tip is to keep an online file of all your translation projects and your CV too. If a client wants a freelancer to complete a significant number of hours of translating of which payment is made the translation services will want to know a bit more about you than your name and email address.
Don’t ruin your translation portfolio as a freelancer and take on jobs that are way out of your area of expertise. If you do this you may be asked to review or make changes to your translation that take longer than they are worth financially to you.
Ask your favourite clients if they are prepared to write recommendations stating how good you are at your German English translation job. There is no better way of getting further translation work than being recommended by someone else.
Don’t take on so much work once you become a freelancer success story as you may never have enough time to relax and enjoy your life. A good English German translator will allow enough time to do a good job and enjoy life too.