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As communications globally improve, the world starts to transform into what seems like a global village. Geographic barriers can be broken down by fast jet travel, but linguistic barriers are only solved successfully by the use of translations. Those that benefit the most from this new world order are businesses as translations bring them closer to new customers and markets.

Whether the business is small, medium or large if it wishes to explore overseas markets it will not happen successfully unless translations are part of the business plan. However, with all this rapid sharing of information and releasing of details businesses who move out of their home comfort zone so must be careful when choosing a translation service. 


Confidentiality of company information

When signing up to a new deal or beginning a new venture overseas the business will often need to share its confidential business facts. Great care must be undertaken when translating and providing this sort of information which must be kept secure and confidential otherwise a breach of contract could take place. 

Before deciding to hire a translation service, a business should conduct an in-depth background check, look at any previous work if possible and get recommendations from any other business who has used that translation services. This will help prevent any leaking of confidential information. 


Privacy matters-key points

Because privacy is so important your chosen translation services should be able to show you how your company information is kept confidential while the translation is underway. From this professional document translation service, it means that you can expect a high level of security to be maintained of any documents you have provided for translation.


  • Most translation services take the steps required to ensure that your documents and messages transmitted between you and the translation services is kept confidential all the time.
  • Most translation services ask their translators to sign a strict non-disclosure document. This should guarantee that you get the confidentiality you require throughout the translations.
  • When files are transferred this is the time when security could be broken so it is important that up-to-date FTP protocols are in place so as to safeguard any transferring of sensitive information.
  • Most translation services whether the translation project is big or small will only allow staff to access your business information who have been assigned to complete your translation requirements.
  • No one can escape the digital age where any data processed,or file transferred could potentially face a security breach. But putting the right security measures in place can protect your business’ confidentiality and privacy.

Most reputable translation services take pride in having in place the highest security standards and offer businesses the most modern security features that are available today. If any extra security is required most translation services are only too happy to go the extra mile to meet a business’s security demands. So, you can be sure that your business’s confidential data is safe in the hands of professional translation services.