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Translation Method

The translation game is played by anyone who is trying to create a global branding standard for a newly introduced product. The foreign language content in any advertising material needs to attract the targeted market without leaving any doubts in the targeted audience’s mind. The question often asked is who should do the translation? Can it be done competently using Machine Translation or is the only way a good translation can be completed is by hiring a human translator? An accurate human translator far outweighs any other grammar-translation method advantages and disadvantages.

Using different methods to localize content

With some documents, it may be necessary to hire a subject matter expert linguist who can thoroughly study the text and come up with an appropriate translation while with other translations a subject matter expert may not be required but just a skilled human translator. There are some translations that only really need a machine translation but grammar-translation method history has shown that human translators are a better choice.

A professional human translator

This is, of course, the best translator especially if he or she has a particularly high level of knowledge of the subject matter that needs translating. There is far less chance of errors in the translation as might happen with a machine translation.

Machine translation

Using grammar-translation method activities machine translation as a method is a simple and effective way of getting the gist of the meaning of a text. However, for anything important like a legal document machine translation is not yet sophisticated enough to deal with the complexities of legal language. It could land you in trouble if accuracy in a translation is essential.

Machine translation and post editing

There are different grammar-translation method advantages and disadvantages. Some people are getting a basic translation done by machine translation but are then using a human translator to post edit the translated text that has been retrieved from the machine translator tool.  Using a human translator to post edit a machine-translated text provides a more accurate translation result for all documents written in other languages.  Post Editing Machine Translation, or PEMT, is another choice and provides a better translation than MT while it is far faster than a professional human translator.

Human translation and later revisions

These grammar-translation method examples first use a professional translator who deciphers the given documents. After that, the same materials are reviewed for a second time by another linguist. This sort of translation method almost always comes up with the most accurate translations.


The grammar translation method definition for transcreation refers to the adapting of the source text from its original form so that the message appears to have the same effectiveness in different cultures and regions. Transcreation is usually done for idioms as a word for word translation is not possible,

Translation method and content type

There are various grammar-translation method activities which are most suitable for different types of content as follows. 

There are some grammar-translation method examples listed below:

  • For technical documentation use MT or PEMT
  • For marketing and promotional materials, human translators should be used.
  • Internal communications such as emails, business correspondences, and memos MT is okay to use but PEMT for more formal communication.
  • Medical Documents using human translators with translation glossaries and memories are the best for fast translations.
  • Digital Content translations are best done by PEMT and transcreation.
  • Legal Content can use MT as it is a good way of getting the gist of the document but a professional legal translator is the best option.
  • Literary Translation can only be done well by a human translator. There are too many nuances and idioms in this type of text to use MT.