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It would be a complete oversight if the tourism and travel sector didn’t provide tourist literature in the languages of their visitors. This includes hotel information, tour brochures, holiday guides, promotional booklets and press releases. Typically today, there are many more activities available that suit the tastes of tourists. They could be outdoor enthusiasts seeking a thrill like bungy jumping or white water rafting, wine lovers or have a fanatical interest in the history of places so like to browse in museums. They won’t know what a country has to offer unless all the promotional material is translated into their language.
Travel and Tourism Industry
The way travel and tourism options are marketed today are far different than a decade ago. There is more competition amongst airlines for budget flights. There are a variety of tourism options at different price levels ranging from budget to exclusive luxury. With the dwindling of areas of natural beauty and the more rapid loss of unique species in the last twenty years ecotourism is becoming more popular than ever.
What a country has to offer to the tourist has to be marketed in the languages of the potential tourist. No longer is English the chief language of the overseas travelling market. There is German, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian and Spanish just to name a few of the top language groups keen to see the world.

Online Bookings are Commonplace Today

Most people who are seeking tourism experience research online for something that matches their interests. This means companies have to be proactive in getting their tours online displayed in an attractive manner in the languages that the traveller understands. Few people go to a traditional travel agency to seek information, book flights and search for tours.
Whether you operate an airline, hotel or an activity you will not only have to get a good website but you will need to get any brochures and travel guides translated into the most popular languages so you can get maximum exposure of what you have to offer. Travel is a competitive market and you always have to keep what you provide one step ahead of your competitors.

Travel and Tourism Industry Translators

Many translation services know how the tourism industry is growing at such a rapid rate so they are quickly adapting to the increase in demand for translators. When you are seeking translators through translation services you will need to be sure that they have translators who understand your line of business. If you have an adventure tourism business aimed at a younger market your chosen translators will need to know what terminology to use that will attract this market. 
They are more likely to be after thrill-seeking adventures and there is a specific terminology used in different languages for this type of tourist activity. It cannot be dull and boring but it needs to inspire that youth market to make an online booking they won’t regret. There is a need for translators to translate information found in hotels, airports, restaurants, museums and at tourist sites. With the increase in car rentals by independent-minded travellers it has become more necessary to even translate road signs so that accidents can be avoided.
One thing is certain and that is translators for the tourism sector are going to be more and more in demand as travellers spread out throughout the world speaking lesser-known languages. No longer is English going to be the key language of communication in the tourism sector. You will need to keep your tourism business up-to-date if you want to take advantage of the growing tourism market.