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Translators Can Go on Holiday
Many German translators are freelancers and don’t have set hours or schedules but work when clients ask for it. This often makes taking a holiday difficult as it’s like leaving your desk without a replacement. There is that constant worry that if you book a holiday that great German translation job will be offered you that is the most lucrative you have ever been offered. This is not an excuse for not taking a break. Everyone needs to relax and have a change of scene. There are some things you can do to make that transition from work to holiday that much easier.

Plan ahead

Forward planning is a good start as this gives you the opportunity to complete all your work requirements before the holiday starts. Once you have booked the exact dates and paid for flights and hotels then there is nothing stopping you looking forward to that great holiday.

Let your clients know your holiday plans

Most clients are very accommodating once you have told them you won’t be available for translation because you will be away on holiday. The worst thing you can do is apologise at the last minute for not being able to complete a translation assignment.

Get someone to stand in for you

An easy way to keep a client on your books while you are on holiday is to find a suitable replacement who works in the same German translation services area as you. Recommend the person to your client for the time you are away. If the replacement is acceptable you should be able to access the client again when you return from your holiday.

Make sure your work is completed before your holiday

This is another reason for planning in advance so you can timetable your work load so that all is completed before the holiday starts.

Take some work with you

As you already know, freelancing as a German translator does mean you can take your work virtually anywhere around the globe as long as you have your laptop in tow and you can find a suitable internet connection. This is not the greatest of options but might be a way you can maintain your work presence with clients if you have only just started doing freelance translations but had already booked your holiday. You must check with your accommodation that an internet connection is available and reliable to avoid wasting time.