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A Germany dog owner recently had something of a shock when his pet discovered a giant (20 cm long) scorpion while strolling around Munich. He alerted the authorities, who quickly captured it and since nobody has come forward to claim it as their pet, the creature will be rehomed in a reptile shelter.

Relocating long distances with pets is always more of a challenge than coming without them but with a bit of forwarding planning, it is often possible to bring family pets to Australia. Cats, dogs and horses are generally permitted into the country as pets, provided the appropriate procedures are followed.

In a nutshell, these procedures involve ensuring that the animal is microchipped and vaccinated and organizing suitable accommodation for their quarantine period. There are currently only three approved quarantine stations in Australia and demand for places is always high, so it is highly advisable to contact them as far in advance as possible, even if travel dates are still tentative.

The most daunting aspect of relocating a pet to Australia is usually the amount of paperwork involved and the need to ensure that it is all perfectly translated. This is where the services of a good translation company can prove invaluable.