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Visual Content
When content is translated into many different languages, localising the visual content is as important as localising the text.

Website Translation

If you want to expand your brand into new markets you may wish to open up these potential markets by getting your website translated so that it will attract a local customer who speaks that language.
Translating a website directly from say English to German may be relatively easy in the text form at least, as long as you have German translation services that have experienced translators in the two languages. However, most websites contain more than just the written word. Pictures are often embedded with appropriate slogans to match the language of the likely customers.
There are also web banners and web buttons that have to be included in the translation. To do these effectively your chosen German translation services should have a great working knowledge of your targeted language so that the right idiomatic slogans can be incorporated into your images. Word to word translation is not really appropriate and it is only a deep knowledge of both languages that will reap the best results.
When multilingual graphics are translated it can take place in two stages, which are the graphics translation followed by the editing of the multilingual graphics. If you are able to access the original artwork and it can be edited this makes the translation that much easier as the slogan attached to the graphic can be extracted and then translated by your chosen English German translator.

Graphic Design Important for some Languages

You may need a competent graphic designer if the slogan is to be translated into the Chinese language, Korean or Japanese. Tackling the problems of translating text from one language to another when it is part of an image is important as the right slogan matching the image will draw more new customers than any amount of text bunched up together. Images on their own can convey a strong message about a product but that well-translated slogan is just what a product needs to be better than the rest.