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 Most Weird German Habits

Most Weird German Habits:

1. German People are Known to be Very Direct

German people don’t like beating around the bush if they want to say something. They will say it quite directly without having any second thought about it. They won’t sit quietly on the sidelines but will blurt out what they want to say.

2. They will Correct People’s Behaviour in Public

One of the German’s attitudes and values is they don’t like antisocial behaviour and they will show their feelings without caring what others may think. For example, if a school kid decides to put his or her shoe clad feet on an adjacent seat in a bus or train don’t be surprised if someone passing by reprimands the child and asks them to take his or her feet off the seat. This is quite a bold move in this day and age!
This culture of correcting others behaviour extends in particular to Bavaria which still has some traditional customs in place. It’s not so common in the more cosmopolitan city of Berlin. Jaywalking is frowned upon in Germany and there is no shortage of people to tell jaywalkers off and also anyone who tries to cross the road when the lights not red.

3. German People who Run Businesses Often Prefer Payments in Cash

There is a widely held view that what German people are known for is that they are as tech-savvy as it gets. Meaning they like to keep current by owning all the latest gizmos. The country is known as one full of classy, high tech cars like Porsches, BMWs and Audis. However, tech mobile they are businesses often prefers cash payments rather than the buyer using a debit or credit card. They may even go as far as telling you where the nearest ATM is rather than letting you use your card.

4. What I Know about Germans is Bad Restaurant Service

Going out to dinner with friends or family is often considered to be a treat but this doesn’t seem to be the case with some overseas customers visiting German restaurants who claim they have to wait a long time for service and if the order is wrong you are seemingly the one to be blamed. This is just one of those typical German things. Also, one would have thought that tap water was a right, not a privilege, in a restaurant but not in Germany. Customers have been known to be told to go to the bathroom with a glass and fill up if they prefer to drink tap water.

5. Snail Mail is Used to Threaten People

You would probably expect in this day and age to receive an email or a cell phone message to remind you to pay up if you owe money. Not necessarily the case in Germany. A German landlord when he behaves Deutsch is when s/he is frustrated by even a day or so late in rental payments and will go through the process of writing a letter by hand threatening you to pay up. This even appears to happen if you haven’t paid your public broadcasting fee but they go a step further by threatening to take away your car whether you own one or not.

6. German People Smoke Inside

One of the weirdest German habits, in Berlin in particular, is to do with smoking. There is a smoking ban of sorts but it’s not that strict so some restaurants allow smoking. Not so good if you are a non-smoking American or Brit and you have to share a bar or restaurant with smoke. The same applies to train stations which become smoky places at times. What’s odd about this indoor smoking attitude is that Germans seem to love the outdoors, rain, shine or sub-zero temperatures.

7. German Attitudes and Values aren’t always Politically Correct

Many migrants have over the years migrated to Germany for work. Some, of course, have stayed but those who are German citizens whose grandparents were the first migrants are still referred to as Turks instead of course seen as Germans. This is exactly what German people are known for. They seem to get away with these politically incorrect ideas. You probably wouldn’t in Britain as that treatment would be considered racist.


What are German people known for? This has been answered above. They quite clearly have the weirdest German habits which are hard to understand when considering what’s happening in the outside world. There are certain typical German things to do with attitudes that wouldn’t be tolerated in other countries that are similar to Germany. In Britain and even Australia, you would probably get a ticking off if you were seen smoking while doing your shopping in a shopping mall. Not so in some parts of Germany.