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Creative Translation
Translation in itself is simply changing the text in one language into another as accurately as possible. Sometimes, a German translator will be asked to be a little bit more creative than simply doing word for word translations. When creativity is used this means more skill and imagination is inputted into the translation project.
What is Creative Translation?
A creative translation could be an advertisement for a product that has to be eye-catching so requires some creativity especially if it is an international product and its uniqueness has to be identified. A translation that only relates to the literal meaning on an advert may not have the desired effect and will not convey the message appropriately and might not even make real sense. A creative translation will ensure the content from German English translation has the same effect and delivers the same meaning as the original text.
If for example, you were asked to translate an advertising document related to a new product from English to German, you will first have to get to understand the features of the product and its key selling points. Next, you will need to be able to write a translation that is attention-grabbing. The English German Translation Company will have to be flexible in its approach to this type of translation if it is to have the desired effect.
Benefits of Creative translation
Creative translation can be effective when a product’s wording has already been established in German, but the business wants it advertised elsewhere. This is when a creative translation may reproduce the information effectively through the use of creative wording and expressions.
In the end, it doesn’t matter how much time is spent on creative translation as the source text can’t be ignored. A creative translation merely ensures that the languages the source text are translated into fits the precise tone and meaning of the source text so that people reading it can relate to the product in the same way whatever language it is written in.