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Personal Documents
English German translators are often called upon to translate personal documents. Things like birth, death and marriage certificates; employment transcripts and statements of service; educational and technical qualifications and even financial statements and documents may all have to be translated at some point in a person’s life.

Some countries insist that key personal documents are translated by approved German translators. This is the case in Australia, for instance, where any documents in a language other than English which are necessary for visa applications or citizenship are translated by a translator who has been accredited by the National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). Many other countries have similar requirements for the translation of personal documents.

If you need to get your documents translated, it is important to find out what is required. What status does the German English translation service provider you use have to have? Do they need to see the original version, for instance, or can a photocopy suffice? In some cases, the translator not only needs to translate the personal document correctly, but they actually have to sign a statement to say that the translation is an accurate translation of the original.

Many people are rightly concerned that their valuable documents do not go missing when they are submitted to an English German translator. The translator may be satisfied with uploading a copy of the document to be translated as long as they sight the original version at some point if certification is required.

Obviously, the original document has to be submitted in a good condition to ensure that all the details on it which are relevant like names, dates, ages, etc. are all perfectly legible. If there is any doubt it may be possible to request a replacement copy of the document from the issuing authority before it is submitted for translation.

You may not have a perfect knowledge of the language your documents are translated into, but unless it is to be translated into Chinese or another language where the written form of text does not use Roam characters, it is usually possible to double check that things like names, places and dates have been recorded correctly.