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Ideal German Translator
If you or your business is looking for the ideal German translator then you have probably found that there seems to be a bewildering choice of German translation services available. Which one should choose?
If this is the first time you are in need of a German translation provider then it is unlikely you are going to find the ideal translator straight away unless you are extremely lucky or have had a translator or translation service recommended to you by someone you trust.
The first aspect to be considered is your own needs. Why do you want a translator? What do you want to be translated? How much material do you need translating and how quickly will you want it translated? What is the level of confidentiality required? What is the level of complexity or language specificity involved? What can you afford to pay out of your budget for the translation work you need to be completed. Unless you are completely sure what it is you want, it will be hard to communicate your needs when you search for that ideal German translator.
Assuming that your translation requirements are not just personal documents then you would be looking for a professionally qualified translator or translation service. In many countries, translators and interpreters will have a certification or accreditation system which differentiates the professional translator from the amateur one, of which there will be many. In Australia, for instance, professional translators normally have what is called NAATI accreditation. NAATI is the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. You would expect that choosing a German NAATI translator would mean that you are choosing a reliable service. There are similar organisations in other countries.
You will be looking for a German native speaker or one who has absolute fluency in both German and English and has proven experience in translation. It is best to choose an individual freelance German translator or company that has a minimum of three years experience.
If this is your first time choosing any type of business service it would be best to select a small number of what appear to be suitable translation service providers and explain what exactly you need translating and ask for a quote. Many translators will have a website with key information like fees, the type of documents or materials they translate on it and you can usually select a small number of suitable translators from reading the translator’s website first.