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translation service provider
Everyone would like their German translation service provider to be perfect, but what does that mean and what might be the characteristics of a “perfect” German translation?
For a start, it cannot be expected that a “perfect” translation is going to be easy on the pocket. Professional German translators do not grow on trees. They will probably have had training as a translator and have built up experience in their craft over the years. They may have had to prove their worth as a translator to a national accreditation authority. While they may offer you various options for reducing the overall cost of your translation work, cut-price translation will inevitably be far removed from the description “perfect” to the point where it may be unusable.
Probably the best definition of a “perfect” translation from German into English or vice versa is when the translated piece sounds as if it has been written by a native speaker. It must also convey the meaning of the original document or text. This will inevitably be quite a juggling act as it is sometimes hard to find truly equivalent words or phrases when translating from one language to another. German and English do have linguistic roots in common, so providing a “perfect” translation is much more likely than doing the same between two linguistically and culturally different languages like German and Thai!
Even if a German translation service produces a “perfect” translation, you cannot expect it to be done in record time. Many translation service providers will provide an express option for small jobs like certificate translation but are unlikely to be able to do so honestly for lengthy business, legal or medical documents that might take time to process because of the complexity of the vocabulary.
Good professional German translators will be equally at home in a German-speaking nation as they are in their own native country. Perfect, or even near perfect translations, often depend on a thorough familiarisation with the nuances of the target language and the culture of the people who speak that language too. In many cases, the best translators are first language speakers in the target language and second language speakers of the source language simply because it is more important to get the translation right.
Professional German translators may specialize in certain types of translation and if you want the quality of translation for such things as legal, medical or technical texts and documents then you may inquire whether a particular translation service provider has experts in the field you are dealing with.
Perfect translations are made so when the German translator not only competently and accurately translates the document or text you have given him or her but has spent time carefully proofreading it before it is released. In some instances, where long documents are translated, the proofreading may involve more than one single translator.