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Perfect language translation
Accurate German translation is not as simple as you may think. If it was there would be no need for human language translators as the bulk of translation work could be performed by the more inferior machine translation services. Machine translations are good at substituting one word in one language to a suitable word in another language, but translations that are really accurate cannot be done through word substitution alone. Some say that it’s alright to use machine translators for accompanying handbooks for products but lawsuits could be filed if someone was injured using the product because the handbook was written so poorly that misunderstandings could easily take place.

A second misconception related to accurate translations is using anyone who is bilingual to do the translations. This is fine for text that has no importance and is unlikely to result in any misunderstanding should the German translator use an unsuitable word when undertaking the translation but to guarantee the accuracy, the translator should have had proven experience in the type of text to be translated. Some texts are technical such as legal documents and appropriate words in the pair languages have to be used to ensure the correct meaning is transferred. When translating a German text into English, professional German English translators are essential in both languages to ensure an accurate language translation.

Many businesses think that it is good enough to have their marketing and product information just in English as they hold the belief that most people in the world speak English. They are missing out on lost business by believing this misconception. There are 7 billion people in the world and very few have any knowledge of English. Products that are marketed in China, for example, will have very few takers if the product descriptions are not translated into at least the main two Chinese languages which are Mandarin and Cantonese. Displaying products on shelves in English or any other language will not target potential customers.