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German translation is Important
There are many people in the English speaking world who have become quite lazy about learning another language, even the language of a nearby country. Many English language natives are complacent about the importance of English as an international language and feel that sooner or later everyone will be speaking and using such good English that languages like French, German or Indonesian will have become superfluous.
This sort of thinking has even become overt government policy. In Britain, for instance, a former Government Education Department made language learning (other than English) voluntary in schools and the effect was immediate. Thousands of students chose not to learn languages like German and yet the German language is one of the most important of the languages used in the European Union to which Britain belongs.
The reality is that the English speaking world has important economic, cultural and inter-government ties with Germany and many other key nations around the world and there is an increasing demand for good English German translators who are absolutely essential for smooth communication to take place
The trend towards linguistic ignorance is not necessarily repeated elsewhere. For Japanese speakers, for instance, who don’t have the luxury of thinking that their language is a universal one, German is taken very seriously. Nearly 70% of Japanese school students study German as a foreign language and no doubt some of the best of these go on to become German translators to help the very important business and other ties between Japan and Germany.
It is hoped that businesses that are thinking of expanding their sphere of activity away from their home territory do not expect to communicate with their colleagues, business associates, clients and customers in their own language. German translation services provide a very professional and efficient service which is an essential ingredient in any international trade and communication these days.
Expansion overseas is not the only reason why German translators or good translators of other languages are important as the world has been quickly becoming more intermingled and diverse. Just as there are many German speakers in countries like Australia or the United States, there are now many Turkish and Arabic speakers in Germany, Romanians and Bulgarians in France and Britain, Vietnamese in Malaysia, Tongans and Samoans in the United States and New Zealand.
In an ideal world as far as many English language speakers are concerned, at any rate, everyone would be able to speak one world language equally well, but that scenario looks as remote at the end of 2015 as it might have done 100 years ago. Most people stick loyally and feel most comfortable with the language they grew up with and it is the job of professional translation services worldwide to allow these diverse communities to communicate effectively and profitably with each other.