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Outsource Your Local Copywriting Needs

Most businesses understand how important translating their marketing material and any technical documents are when expanding into a new international market. However, many assume that it is still important to use German translation services based in their own home country. They may be surprised to learn that there are several advantages to choosing to outsource any copywriting work in a local language to a local language expert based in that country.

The essence of localizing any marketing material is that it will have much more effective if it is localized effectively. Sales will benefit and you may even get the chance to leap ahead of the competition who still have to work out what to do about providing information for a whole new set of customers.

Locally based copywriters are the most likely people to understand their own culture and what will actually work to attract customers there. You could have what you consider a brilliant product to offer but there is no point in trying to sell it unless who you are selling it to knows of its existence and why they should buy it. It is unlikely that a German speaking customer base, for instance, is going to bother reading in-depth information in English about a product and will also not be particularly attracted to marketing material that sounds “foreign”. Like so many other people around the world, they are more likely to trust and understand a piece of writing that has been written by one of themselves.

There is more to this idea of choosing a local copywriter and translator, too. There is the chance that not using a local could mean that your product is actually negatively portrayed. This is often due to the simple misunderstanding of anther’s cultural nuances. Take the use of the color red, for instance. The color in English or German-speaking nations tends to denote something dangerous but in China, the color red is actually a symbol of good luck! This is a fairly simple example but perfectly illustrates the need for sound local knowledge of what makes a potential customer tick and what may make them interested in a new product.

The principle works both ways of course and if you are a German exporter looking to market your products or services in Australia, then you should be looking for a locally based German NAATI translator. There is a strong German presence in Australia that dates from successive waves of migration to the country over the last two centuries and there is an excellent choice of locally based German English translators that can provide copywriting for German companies with an Australian flavor!