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Medical students in uniforms studying at university

If you have the necessary accepted academic qualifications and are relatively fluent in the German language, then you might like to consider joining thousands of other international students complete a medical course in Germany. There are so many great reasons for choosing Germany to complete a medical training that it’s worth finding out more about which specific medical university in Germany you should apply to and which particular course you should aim to complete. It takes more than 6 years to complete medical training in Germany, so you do need to take time to do the research and choose the best option. You won’t be disappointed!

Best medical universities in Germany

The standard of all medical schools and universities in Germany is very high, but also quite competitive, so you don’t always get the first choice of course and university as many other international students and German students will also be chasing the spaces available each new admission year. The best medical schools in Germany are those that consistently score highly on certain criteria such as their modern facilities, course structure, amount of time devoted to practical training and general reputation within Germany and overseas. The following medical schools are some of the very best.

  • Freiburg University
  • Heidelberg University
  • Leipzig University
  • Lübeck University
  • Magdeburg University
  • Münster University
  • Rwth Aachen University
  • Tübingen University
  • Witten/Hercke University
  • Würzburg University

Variety of study programmes in Germany

There isn’t a single monolithic medical course that everyone follows. There is a variety of study programmes that offer a range of medical courses so you can choose which matches best your qualifications you achieved in your own home country as well as what sort of job in the medical field you intend doing when you complete your time in Germany.

Germany has one of the world’s best healthcare systems

Germany has one of the world’s best healthcare systems and part of the reason for this is the superior training that German health practitioners receive at their own medical colleges and universities. It is also a result of the high regard that the German government has for public health and the amount of money that is invested in maintaining and improving it.

Germany offers great scholarships

One of the main attractions for international students is that university courses are free within Germany. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to pay your way while in Germany. You still have to find somewhere to live while attending medical training and support yourself in food, transport and entertainment. Because medical training is quite lengthy, you would be expected to have substantial reserves of cash or a substantial loan to sustain yourself while in Germany. Germany also offers a number of scholarships for good international students applying for a medical training. This can help to ease the financial burden of being so far away from home.

You can use your medical degree from Germany anywhere around the world

German medical qualifications are recognised all around the world, so you won’t have much difficulty finding a job and pursuing a career when you leave Germany.

You can work or practise medicine in Germany after you graduate from medical school

One important reason for why you should study medicine in Germany is that your qualifications will allow you to pursue a medical career in Germany if you so wish to do so,


Germany is a great choice for any intending international student whatever career in medicine you intend pursuing. Studying medicine in Germany also allows you to perfect your knowledge of the German language, make new friends and enjoy learning about Germany and its culture.