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German Translation Service
If you are a native German speaker have been accepted for a job in Australia and you intend to come to the country to take up the offer you will need to use a German translation service to translate all documents required before your sponsored visa is approved. In Australia, as in many other countries before a foreigner can take up a position whether temporary or permanent, the prospective employer has to provide proof to the Department of Labour that there is no suitable Australian to fill the position.
When comparing applicants for a position, such things as age, qualifications and job experience in the particular job are compared. All this information is normally found on a certificate such as a birth certificate, degree certificate, a certificate from a professional institute such as a medical council and a reference from the applicant’s last employer or even other past employers. If the certificates are all in another language other than English they need to be competently translated into English before the selection can be approved and the sponsorship is finalised.
If you are German wishing to take up an employer sponsorship visa you will need to get a NAATI English German translator to conduct your German to English translation. This accredited translator is the only one that is accepted in Australia for translations related to work and migration including a work sponsorship visa. He or she can do an English to German translation too.
There are many German translators available who are competent and experienced in translating documents that confirm your identity. It’s very important for the German English translation to be accurate otherwise the sponsorship visa won’t be issued. This applies to resumes and references. If you have not provided an accredited translation your documents will not be considered for the issuing of a work sponsorship visa. The process is all quite straightforward if the translations are competently done and presented with the sponsorship visa form.