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German computer scientists from Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) have recently developed a glove which allows people to write in the air and have their words automatically input into their smartphone or tablet.  This ingenious invention won a US$81,000 prize from the mighty Google.


This is yet another example of how technology is changing the way we live and work.  Long gone are the days where people moving to Australia had to wait for snail-mail letters to be delivered or accept the high cost of international phone calls.  These days e-mail is delivered in an instant while Internet calling services have taken the sting out of calling home.

While increasing numbers of people are becoming comfortable with using technology (and appreciative of its benefits), fewer people are expert enough to develop it.  Those who do have skills in computing and engineering are often in high demand internationally.  With so many countries to choose from, many come to Australia to benefit from the climate, the countryside and the laid-back lifestyle.

Moving to Australia is often easier than many people expect.  Most people find it particularly helpful to engage the services of a German NAATI translator, who will ensure that all immigration paperwork is fully and accurately completed.